31. ledna 2011 v 18:13 | Andy:) |  Diary...
Hello. How are you??? I am bad.
Because he.
My most important ,,friend,,. He.... I don´t know why he doing it.
He don´t speaks with me. He ignores me.
He speaks only with my friends. I do not know!!!!
I do not know what happened!
One day he speaks with me and the next day not.
We are wrote a messages and everything was good...
And now it is wrong.
Why?? Yes. I know
. He is on Facebook relationship. But.... It can not be true! NOT!!!!
And why he don´t speak with me? Because of that girl? And because I´m fat.... YES!!! I know! I´m FAT! And he knows it!!!!
So now I'm even HERE..
I hope that everything will be good. He is killing me.
And I love him....

Sorry for mistakes....


1 Rendy Rendy | Web | 4. února 2011 v 21:20 | Reagovat

:(((( nejsi FAT! xD Jsi THIN!

2 Andy:) Andy:) | Web | 5. února 2011 v 10:41 | Reagovat

podle mě a podle jeho určitě fat!:D

3 Rendy Rendy | Web | 5. února 2011 v 13:09 | Reagovat

tichučko xD neser :D jsi THIN a konec!!! =D

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